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About Me

Hi, I’m Jon.

I was born and raised in South Florida in a perpetual state of sunburn, and I’ve been putting pen to paper for a while now. Writing content ranging from music reviews to marketing pieces for companies of all shapes and sizes has helped me to appreciate the full impact that finding the right words can have.

For all the crumpled up digital sheets of paper that I’ve hurled into my Mac’s trash bin, I’m proud to have a body of work that reflects all the instances when I was able to say exactly what was meant. My goal is to take everything that I’ve learned about what it takes to make a message truly resonate and apply that to my role as a part of a team with a great story worth sharing.

In any case, it’s all here, and I hope you have a good time thumbing through it.

Entertainment Journalism

Music Blog – Paris, France

Song Reviews / Artist Interviews
Student Newspaper – Univ. of Miami

Entertainment / Local Arts

Marketing Content Writing

Best Life Herbals

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Artist Press Kit Bios

Creative Writing


Television and film scripts I’ve written – either as a part my time in the University of Miami’s Film Program, or just for the sake of sending my imagination on a triathlon. 

  • The twentieth floor of Biscayne Apartments is lined with tightly shut doors, and echoing with the booms of 808 kicks they fail to contain. This is the battleground on which the war for South Florida rap fame is being fought, and where two brothers at the end of the hall stand to learn that old rivalries die hard, but new ones might get somebody killed.

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  • There are starving artists, and there are artists who watch the sunset from the roof of their estranged father’s beachfront mansion. The half-fictional, borderline fantastical world of Paradise Art District focuses on one of the latter, complete with all the chemically-fueled, marble-lined, paint-streaked scandal and heartache that sits at the upper echelon.

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  • A stoner’s college thrill-ride takes a full U-turn when one misstep too many leaves him with one final option to stop the guillotine of expulsion from falling. To him, it’s a fate worse than death – an abhorrent concoction of fascism, the ‘man’, and establishment all rolled into one cruel and unusual sentence: becoming a campus security guard.

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I wanted to see what a music blog would look like if, rather than just talking about content, it tried acting a little bit like content in it’s own right.

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